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Stem Cell vs. Surgery: A Personal Journey to Deciding What’s Best for Your Knees

When it comes to knee health, it can be overwhelming to decide which path to take. With options like innovative stem cell therapy and traditional knee surgery, it can feel like standing at a crossroads. However, with expert help from NeoGenix, you can make an informed decision about which treatment is best for you.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy For Knees

It’s amazing to think about how our bodies can heal themselves with a little help from stem cell therapy. This therapy is unique because it uses cells from your body to heal your knee. This opens up incredible possibilities like regenerating cartilage, reducing inflammation, and recovering without undergoing surgery.

Recovery Time For Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy provides a gentle path to recovery. Although there may be some mild discomfort and tenderness after the procedure, recovery doesn’t take long. The recovery can vary from 1 week to 2 weeks, depending on the person. During this time, the patient can continue working their job, but not if it’s physically demanding.

How Effective is Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy’s effectiveness mostly depends on the person. That’s why we would encourage you to come into our clinic for an examination to see if stem cell therapy is right for you. Some see life-changing improvements, while others might need follow-up treatments to see results. While stem cell therapy is promising, remember there is no 100% guarantee with any knee treatment.

What Is Knee Surgery?

Knee surgery has a long history of getting people back to their feet. These surgeries can reduce pain conditions like osteoarthritis and more, helping you get back to your normal life. There are several types of knee surgeries, including:

The Long Recovery From Knee Surgery

Recovery from knee surgery can take a long time. Depending on the type of surgery and condition treated, knee surgery could take up to 6-12 months. During this time, you would have to do physical therapy, which may cause even more pain. Pain medications may be prescribed to patients, but they’re detrimental in the long haul. That’s why we believe stem cell therapy is the better choice for most people.

NeoGenix Stem Cell Therapy For Knees

The two most common ways of treating knees are stem cell therapy and knee surgery. Knee surgery does have a longer track record, but it also has a long recovery for patients, especially when compared to stem cell therapy. Regenerative medicine stem cell therapy is great because it is natural, has much less recovery time, and is non-invasive. Our team at NeoGenix only provides treatment that we believe in, and that’s why we provide high-quality stem cell therapy. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. James Altizer
Dr. James Altizer has been performing stem cell therapy treatments in North Carolina since January of 2016. Dr. Altizer received expert training from recognized leaders in the regenerative medicine field, including training on bone marrow aspiration with Duke University-affiliated physicians. He has performed thousands of stem cell and growth factor procedures, more than any other medical doctor in the Carolinas.