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Stem Cell Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Another night spent waking up at random times for no apparent reason and shifting around in the bed. Another jolt of back pain as you try to crouch or reach for something above your head. You grit your teeth and soldier on through the fatigue and discomfort, yet they’re always there, lurking at the back of your spine. They take decades to appear but linger on until you put your foot down and decide to resolve them, such as by using the stem cell treatment for lower back pain.

stem cell treatment for lower back pain
cost, of, stem, cell, therapy, treatment, for, lower, back, pain

What causes lower back pain?

Anything can cause passing lower back pain but spinal arthritis is the most devastating cause of persistent lower back pain. It starts out slowly but quickly gains momentum and leaves an inflamed, pulverized mess in its wake.

Along with low back pain, one can also have spinal stenosis and intervertebral disc issues. Studies have shown that regenerative medicine using stem cells can be helpful in reducing pain.

The human body is amazing, especially when you realize the kind of wear and tear it can endure. Your spine is the chief support for your entire upper body and is meant to serve throughout your life. It’s durable because it’s made out of many pieces that all fit together perfectly, like a giant puzzle, allowing you the freedom to bend and swivel without effort.

When one piece gets damaged, the others can shoulder its burden for a while but then they too get damaged. What starts out as a tinge of discomfort or pain soon spreads out and, before you know it, you’ve got lower back pain that can’t be fixed by any amount of massage or lounging around. What can help is — stem cell treatment for lower back pain, especially if the cause is spinal arthritis.


Arthritis refers to a whole host of diseases that affect the joints in the body and can be caused by a range of causes, including infection and repeated injury. The most common signs of arthritis are:

Arthritis inevitably gets worse with time and will spread out to nearby tissues and organs, though it may take it years or decades. The smallest joints get worn down first, such as those found in fingers and toes but nobody can predict the exact course the disease will take. The body will try to recover and repair the damage, but if it happens faster than the body can do so, arthritis will keep getting worse.

(Arthritis can also affect our knees and cause lower back pain. ask us about stem cell treatment for knee pain.)

With chronic low back pain, the potential for damaged discs and pinched nerves is forefront in our staffs approach to care. For this reason, and for safety and efficacy, our medical director will carefully evaluate each patient for degenerated discs, SI joint issues, disk disease, and discogenic pain, prior to recommending a stem cell procedure.

How does a spine work?

Imagine a maypole with ribbons. The maypole is your spine, a stiff structure, and the ribbons are your muscles, ligaments, and tendons attached to it. As long as the ribbons are tugged on in balance, the pole can remain perfectly upright forever, but that’s not what happens. In reality, the pole gets scraped, nicked, bent and bumped into, over and over again, and the ribbons get pulled with intense force and in all directions until the maypole starts falling apart. That’s essentially what happens to your spine which ultimately leads to spinal arthritis.

A healthy spine has a beautiful balance to it that we most often ruin through bad posture, injuries, and plain neglect without even realizing it. There is more to the problem of back pain but the crux of it is that a healthy spine affords you effortless, smooth movement, whether you’re crouching or reaching above your head. If you don’t have that in your life, you should get involved and start figuring out what’s wrong with your back.

There are many rock-solid parts in your spine but are also the bendy bits and, as we go from the back of your head to the buttocks, we see the parts of the spine becoming finer and finer. Ultimately, the very end of the spine has parts that can be as tiny as your thumb. Granted, they’re firmly lodged in the spine at first but they do feel the pressure and, when they get worn down or misaligned, they start sending out the pain signals.

That’s why you can feel intense pain in your lower back but only slight discomfort or nothing in the upper part of the spine. If you also hear clicking, crunching, or grinding sounds from your lower back on a regular basis, that’s a cause for alarm but not panic because there are remedies for it.

How can the lower back pain be healed?

stem cell therapy for back pain 1024x570 1

The causes of lower back pain can be anything, so there’s no silver bullet. However, stem cells do appear to have a universal healing property and the stem cell treatment for lower back pain looks promising.

The shared property of all back pain causes is neglect, so you can start healing your lower back right now by paying attention. Listen to your body and don’t cause yourself intentional discomfort. Go for maximum relaxation and, when you want to strain or bend your spine, do it gently and without sudden movements.

Anything that helps circulation, such as massage or stretching, will also help loosen up the nearby muscles. Supplements can be an option too, with the most obvious choices being chondroitin and glucosamine, two allegedly joint-healing natural substances from crustaceans, though you should be aware that there’s barely any studies on their benefits for the spine. A chiropractor might help as well, bending and twisting you like a ragdoll in the hopes your spine gets to how it used to be.

If you’ve tried it all and nothing helped, one possible remedy is stem cell treatment for lower back pain. It’s much quicker than all the other forms of lower back pain therapy, it takes less guesswork, and has a lower recovery time.

How does the stem cell therapy for back pain work?

Presuming the cause of the back pain is wear and tear of the maypole or the ribbons, we inject the stem cells right into or next to the painful spot and let the body do its thing. By using stem cells, we help the body’s natural healing process rather than disrupt it. There’s more to it and we also add booster factors that are natural and help the body fight off any secondary problems, such as infections and the like.

Naturally, you should first undergo a doctor’s examination. Before you do, here’s some more info on stem cells and the efficacy of stem cell treatment for lower back pain.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are like a painter’s canvas for your body. They can become any cell your body needs and help repair the damaged pieces of your back. Your body already produces these healing cells, it’s just that they get stuck for some reason and can’t move to where the body needs them.

By taking the cells from your body and injecting them right at the source of the problem, we help the body repair itself in the most natural way.

How many kinds of lower back stem cell treatments are there?

NeoGenix offers five:

They come from donated umbilical cords that have passed disease screens and are frozen to remain viable for a long time. The other four use the patient’s own cells, which minimizes the risk of rejection and a hostile immune response. For them, the stem cells come either from the bone marrow or fat deposits.

We do not use embryonic stem cells.

As for the efficacy, we can safely recommend the Super Shot treatment as the most balanced one. The plasma treatment is suitable for mild damage but the other four can be used on medium to severe back pain. None of the stem cells for back pain treatments have any downsides, so you can’t make things worse.

How are stem cells harvested?

stem cell for back pain 225x300 1

With a special needle.

Your bones are where your body produces all the life-giving factors that can help heal almost any injury. In the bone marrow, especially that of ribs, hips, and the spine, there’s a constant churn of stem cells and blood cells, to name just two.

What we do is poke at the bone marrow with a needle, take up just a little bit of that stem cell deposit, and inject it right where it hurts the most. Because it’s taken from your body and injected right back in your body, there’s no delay — we can apply the treatment straight away. As for the pain, 95% of the patients said they felt mild pain and 5% that they felt intense pain.

The other path is harvesting stem cells from the fat deposits. Those love handles and other lumpy, squishy folds are actually chock-full of stem cells, especially the buttocks and the abdomen. This one takes a bit longer but it’s still 15–20 minutes tops.

We pull out some of the fat deposit, take it for a spin in what you can imagine as a small merry-go-round until it turns into liquid, and then we can inject it right back into your sore spots. The fat doesn’t get thrown away either, since we found it works perfectly as a natural cushion to buffer the pressure between different parts of the spine.

In both cases, the lower back stem cell treatment means you get stem cells injected into your body using a needle that doesn’t hurt, leaves no mark, and requires no sutures. Our patients describe the sensation as no more painful than a typical blood draw, but we can also use a local anesthetic so there’s nothing even that.

How can I tell if stem cells for back pain treatment worked?

stem cell therapy for lower back pain
cost, of, stem, cell, therapy, treatment, for, lower, back, pain

Within a month, there should be a steady improvement in your condition and it should continue for up to 8 months.

Once the body realizes there’s stem cells at the site of injury, it gets to action straight away. However, the muscles might still be tense, so you could still feel discomfort at the spot.

Your doctor will usually give you personalized recommendations, which most often boil down to “if it hurts, don’t do it”. If you follow those recommendations, you can expect the treatment to start working faster, provide better results, and have those results persist for longer.

Cost of stem cell therapy for back pain vs surgery

cost of stem cell therapy for back pain
cost of stem cell therapy for back pain

The cost of stem cell therapy for back pain is $5,000 to $50,000. The surgery cost starts from $65,000 and can go into millions, despite insurance coverage.

Surgeries are the most efficient but also the most expensive way to fix a health problem, with their cost adjusted based on the place where they’re done. For example, surgery in LA may cost 250–300% of what it costs in the rest of the country. On the other hand, the cost of the same surgery in Mexico might be 25–30% of what it is in LA, though you are adding more unknowns to your problem.

In general, the surgery bill consists of the money paid to the staff (nurses, doctors, technicians) and the money paid to the hospital itself for various costs (hospital stay, medication, and consumables used during surgery).

Success of stem cell therapy for lower back pain vs surgery

94% of our stem cell therapy patients say they felt an improvement after the treatment. After three months, they say the pain subsided to one-sixth of what it was.

Spinal fusion surgery, which is the type of surgery most commonly used for spine arthritis, has a 70–95% success rate, depending on the complications. In case the metal implants used for the fusion cause an infection, they will have to be taken out and replaced.

Recovery time of stem cell therapy for lower back pain vs surgery

Stem cell treatments have no recovery time. Spine surgeries on average require 1–2 months of recovery.

During surgery, the doctor gets to see the problem in the flesh and scrape, poke, and tug at it until it’s gone. However, surgery is fraught with danger of all sorts, such as you getting a secondary infection during your hospital stay. This affects your ultimate health outcome and work capability.


Stem cell injections are a revolutionary way to approach the age-old problem of creaky, achy back, in particular lower back. They are minimally invasive, have no downsides and the risk of complications is remote. The procedure is not covered by insurers but the cost is fixed and known in advance.

lower back stem cell therapy
cost, of, stem, cell, therapy, treatment, for, lower, back, pain

It’s time to take that burden off of your shoulders and give you the strong, healthy spine you deserve. Schedule your free 1-hour consultation with NeoGenix right now by calling 704-727-6551 and let’s get that problem off your back.

Dr. James Altizer
Dr. James Altizer has been performing stem cell therapy treatments in North Carolina since January of 2016. Dr. Altizer received expert training from recognized leaders in the regenerative medicine field, including training on bone marrow aspiration with Duke University-affiliated physicians. He has performed thousands of stem cell and growth factor procedures, more than any other medical doctor in the Carolinas.