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Stem Cell Therapy in Pineville, NC

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stem cell treatment

In Pineville, NC, stem cell therapy offers an advanced and innovative approach to regenerative medicine, utilizing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to address a range of conditions. With a proven track record in orthopedic, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and autoimmune conditions, stem cell therapy focuses on renewing and repairing damaged tissues.

The continuous renewal of body tissues ensures that they evolve over time. This dynamic process involves a delicate balance between tissue breakdown and new tissue formation. As we age, this balance gradually shifts towards tissue breakdown. For example, our skin undergoes complete replacement every 30 days, blood cells turnover occurs every 4 months, and the lining of the gastrointestinal tract is fully replaced within a month through regular sloughing.


The Beginning of the Use of Stem Cells

Medical professionals have long explored the potential of stem cells, aiming to reverse damage by introducing fresh living stem cells into injured joints. Fortunately, their research yielded promising results. It was discovered that injecting stem cells around arthritic joints facilitated tissue repair and stimulated the growth of new cartilage. However, the process is more complex than stem cells simply transforming into cartilage upon contact with the injured area.

knee pain treatment

Recent advancements have revealed that both living and even deceased stem cells bear specialized markers on their surfaces. These chemical markers interact with dormant and inactive stem cells already present in the joint. Consequently, these chemical signals activate the dormant stem cells, prompting them to divide and generate new tissue to repair the damage.

This concept of stimulating the body to heal itself using its own tissues represents a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of medicine. Similar approaches have been successfully applied to cancer treatment, where the body’s immune system is triggered to produce antibodies and specialized cells to combat cancer. Vaccines also operate on the principle of inducing antibody production for disease prevention and treatment. By harnessing the body’s remarkable capabilities, stem cell therapy unlocks new avenues for healing and disease prevention.

The Use of Stem Cells in Orthopedic Treatment


Stem cell therapy in orthopedic treatment offers a distinctive method for regeneration and differentiation. These autologous cells, sourced from various locations within the patient’s body, have proven efficacy in treating different areas. Below, we highlight some examples of areas that can benefit from stem cell therapy at NeoGenix:

Lower Back Stem Cell Treatment

NeoGenix employs a proprietary protocol involving bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections into arthritic facet and sacro-iliac joints using real-time fluoroscopy. Discover more about the promising benefits of stem cell therapy for lower backsconditions.

Knee Stem Cell Treatment

At NeoGenix, we specialize in non-surgical knee arthritis treatment, often combining high-dose stem cells with collagen-based matrix or scaffolding for optimal outcomes. Learn more about stem cell treatment for knees.

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Hip Stem Cell Treatment

To address hip arthritis effectively, it is crucial to pursue aggressive treatment to prevent further deterioration. At NeoGenix, we highly recommend a comprehensive approach that combines high-dose stem cells with collagen-based matrix or scaffolding. By opting for this advanced stem cell therapy, patients can achieve the best possible outcomes. Discover how to utilize stem cell therapy on hips today!

stem-cell-therapy-options-9Shoulder Stem Cell Treatment

At NeoGenix, we specialize in non-surgical interventions for shoulder injuries and conditions causing shoulder pain. Our treatment approach is tailored to each patient’s specific situation, considering the severity and type of problem. When you consult with our experts, we thoroughly evaluate your shoulder condition, review imaging results, and determine the most suitable stem cell therapy option to optimize your recovery. Contact us for more information regarding stem cell therapy for shoulder pain.

Hand & Wrist Stem Cell Treatment

Arthritis commonly affects small joints like those in the wrists, fingers, and the base of the thumbs. For these delicate joints, we typically recommend liquid-type regenerative products such as bone marrow stem cells or growth factors, depending on the severity of the condition. Learn more about stem cell treatments for hands and wrists today.

Elbow Stem Cell Treatment

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, which are essentially forms of tendonitis, can be effectively treated with bone marrow stem cells or growth factors, tailored to the chronicity and severity of the condition. In addition, arthritis of the elbow joint itself can also benefit from these regenerative treatments; learn more about stem cell treatments for the elbow here!

Neck Stem Cell Treatment

Given the prevalence of neck pain resulting from prolonged computer use, which places strain on the neck joints, discs, and muscles, NeoGenix has achieved outstanding results using liquid-based bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections. These treatments effectively target chronically inflamed neck muscles. Explore the potential of stem cell therapy for your neck by contacting us today. Learn more about our stem cell treatments for your neck today!

Foot & Ankle Stem Cell Treatment

While ankle arthritis is less common than knee arthritis, it remains a significant issue that can be successfully addressed with bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections. Likewise, heel spurs, also known as plantar fasciitis, have shown better responses to these regenerative treatments than cortisone injections. Additionally, runners frequently encounter Achilles tendon issues, which can be effectively treated with bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections, enabling individuals to resume their active lifestyles. Learn more about stem cell treatments for feet here!

The reason joints cannot self-repair is primarily attributed to inadequate circulation within the joints. Unlike arteries, joints lack internal arteries, relying instead on oxygen and nutrients that diffuse or dissolve in tissue fluid originating from the underlying bones. While this circulation is sufficient to sustain joint vitality, it falls short in repairing damage caused by trauma, repetitive use, and aging.

Although stem cell therapy does not offer a definitive cure for arthritis or other orthopedic issues, it represents a groundbreaking treatment that can alter the natural progression of degenerative arthritis. Unlike traditional treatments that merely alleviate symptoms temporarily, stem cell therapy has the potential to decelerate the progressive deterioration of arthritis. At NeoGenix, our goal is to employ stem cell therapy to delay or even prevent joint replacement surgery, even in advanced disease cases.

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