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NeoGenix serves people locally in NC, including: Morrisville, Rock Hill ,Fort Mill, Matthews, Weddington, Huntersville, Concord, Harrisburg, Gastonia and Kannapolis.

Stem Cell Therapy in Monroe, NC

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Stem cell therapy in Monroe, NC, is an advanced form of regenerative medicine that harnesses the body’s natural healing mechanisms to treat a wide range of conditions. Stem cells have been utilized in regenerative medicine for several years, showing promising results in orthopedic, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and autoimmune conditions by renewing and repairing diseased or damaged tissues.

The dynamic nature of our body tissues means that they are constantly undergoing breakdown and regeneration. There exists a delicate balance between tissue degradation and new tissue formation. In fact, some scientists believe that this balance gradually shifting toward tissue breakdown is a contributing factor to the aging process. For example, our skin completely renews itself every 30 days, blood cells turnover every four months, and the lining of our gastrointestinal tract is completely replaced within a month.

The Beginning of the Use of Stem Cells

Doctors have long experimented with stem cells, hoping to reverse time and repair damage by introducing fresh living stem cells into injured joints. Fortunately, their efforts yielded positive outcomes. Research revealed that injecting stem cells in and around arthritic joints led to tissue repair and, in some cases, promoted the growth of new cartilage. However, it was not until recently that the precise details became known. Stem cells do not directly transform into cartilage upon contact with an injured area. Instead, both living and even deceased stem cells possess specialized markers on their surface. These chemical markers are recognized by dormant stem cells already present within the joint, prompting them to awaken and commence division, generating new tissue to facilitate repair.

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We now know that that is not exactly what happens. The living stem cells, and in some cases even DEAD ones, have specialized markers on their surface. These special chemical markers are recognized by the dormant, inactive stem cells that are already inside the joint but aren’t doing anything. Apparently, these chemical signals trigger the dormant, native stem cells to wake up and start dividing, making new tissue to repair the damage.

This concept of inducing the body to heal itself using its own tissues represents a revolutionary advancement in medicine. It parallels the idea of leveraging the body’s immune system to produce antibodies and specialized cells to combat cancer or using vaccines to trigger antibody production for disease prevention. The body’s remarkable abilities continue to be explored, uncovering novel ways to aid healing and prevent illness.

The Use of Stem Cells in Orthopedic Treatment

Stem cells are used in regenerative medicine. These stem cells can be derived from various sources, but it is crucial to note that they are autologous, meaning they are obtained from your own body and used on your body, ensuring transparency in the treatment process. Stem cells have been successfully employed to address a multitude of body areas. Here are some examples of the areas we focus on at NeoGenix that may help alleviate your pain and challenges:

Lower Back Stem Cell Treatment

NeoGenix has achieved excellent results with our proprietary lower back protocol, involving the injection of bone marrow stem cells or growth factors into the arthritic facet and sacroiliac joints using real-time fluoroscopy. To learn more about our stem cell treatment for the lower back, click the link

Knee Stem Cell Treatment

At NeoGenix, we specialize in non-surgical knee arthritis treatment. Our approach to knee arthritis involves natural stem cell therapy. In most cases, we recommend a combined approach of high-dose stem cells with collagen-based matrix or scaffolding to address knee injuries aggressively and prevent further deterioration. Learn more about stem cell treatment for the knee. 

For peace of mind, choose the most trusted stem cell clinic in the Carolinas

For peace of mind, choose the most trusted stem cell clinic in the Carolinas

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Hip Stem Cell Treatment

NeoGenix provides aggressive hip arthritis treatment to address and stop worsening symptoms. Our recommended method combines high-dose stem cell therapies with collagen-based scaffolding for maximum effect. Learn more about stem cell treatment for the hip.

Shoulder Stem Cell Treatment

NeoGenix specializes in non-surgical treatment for shoulder injuries and conditions that cause shoulder pain. Our natural approach involves stem cell therapy, which is effective in addressing various shoulder problems. Depending on the severity and nature of the issue, we employ a range of treatments, from growth factors to high-dose stem cells with collagen-based matrix or scaffolding. Our expert team will assess your shoulder, review imaging results, and determine the most suitable stem cell treatment for your pain or injury. Discover more about our advanced stem cell treatment for the shoulder. Learn more about stem cell treatment for the shoulder.

Hand & Wrist Stem Cell Treatment

Arthritis commonly affects the joints in the wrists, fingers, and especially the base of the thumbs. Due to their small size, we generally recommend a liquid-type regenerative product, such as bone marrow stem cells or growth factors, tailored to the underlying severity of the condition. Learn more about our effective stem cell treatment for the hand and wrist. Learn more about stem cell treatment for the hand & wrist. 

Elbow Stem Cell Treatment

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are essentially forms of tendonitis. Our treatment approach involves bone marrow stem cells or growth factors, depending on the chronicity and severity of the condition. Similarly, arthritis affecting the elbow joint itself can be effectively treated using bone marrow stem cells or growth factors. Gain insights into our specialized stem cell treatment for the elbow. Learn more about stem cell treatment for the elbow. 

Neck Stem Cell Treatment

Neck pain is a common issue, particularly for individuals spending prolonged periods sitting and working on computers, like you are right now. The strain on neck joints, discs, and muscles can lead to chronic inflammation. At NeoGenix, we utilize liquid-based bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections to effectively treat inflamed neck muscles, producing excellent results. Learn more about stem cell treatment for the Neck. 

Foot & Ankle Stem Cell Treatment

Although ankle arthritis is less prevalent than knee arthritis, it remains a significant concern. NeoGenix offers bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections as a viable treatment option. Additionally, heel spurs (plantar fasciitis) respond better to bone marrow stem cells or growth factors than cortisone injections, a fact supported by scientific studies. Furthermore, our clinic has achieved tremendous success in treating Achilles tendon issues in runners through bone marrow stem cell or growth factor injections, facilitating a return to an active lifestyle. Learn more about stem cell treatment for the foot & ankle. 

Why don’t joints possess the ability to self-repair? The answer lies in their inadequate circulation. Joints lack internal arteries and instead rely on oxygen and nutrients that diffuse or dissolve in tissue fluid from the underlying bones. While this circulation sustains joint health, it falls short in repairing damage caused by trauma, repetitive use, and aging.

While stem cell therapy does not currently offer a definitive “cure” for arthritis or other orthopedic conditions, it represents a groundbreaking treatment that can alter the natural course of degenerative arthritis. Unlike previous treatments such as cortisone injections, gel shots, or pain medications, which only provide temporary relief, stem cell therapy has the potential to slow down the relentless deterioration of arthritis. Our goal at NeoGenix is to employ stem cell therapy to delay or even prevent joint replacement surgery, even in individuals with advanced disease.

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