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Stem Cell Therapy in Davidson, NC

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stem cell treatment

Stem cell therapy at Davidson, NC, is an innovative a form of regenerative therapy that utilizes the body’s remarkable healing mechanisms to treat many conditions. For many years, stem cells have been used in regenerative therapy to heal and repair damaged or diseased tissues, with great successes in treating neuromuscular, cardiovascular, orthopedic, and autoimmune disorders.

After ten years, our bodies’ tissues look completely different than they did a decade prior. All tissues in our bodies undergo continuous breakdown and regeneration – with some researchers believing this balance shifts gradually with age, leading to tissue breakdown – this may explain why some researchers believe age-related changes occur! Skin is completely replaced every 30 days; blood cells replace themselves every four months; intestinal mucus replaces itself in tiny amounts daily until replaced completely within one month.

The Beginning of the Use of Stem Cells

Researchers first explored stem cells decades ago, hoping that inserting new ones into injured joints would turn back time and heal them. Surprisingly, their experiments proved successful! Injecting stem cells into arthritis joints resulted in the healing of tissues and, in some cases, even stimulated cartilage development. Although precise mechanisms were still unknown then, many believed stem cells simply changed into cartilage when exposed to damaged areas.

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It is important to recognize that alive and dead stem cells possess unique markings on their surfaces. These chemicals are recognized by dormant stem cells already within a joint but doing nothing. These signals cause these dormant cells to awaken and begin dividing, creating new tissue for repair.

This revolutionary idea in medicine allows our body to heal using tissue it already owns! This concept is similar to curing cancer by stimulating the immune system with antibodies and specific killer cells that eliminate tumors. This same principle underlies why vaccines that stimulate antibodies can successfully combat disease and prevent it. Edward Jenner famously stopped smallpox with this method in the late 1700s, and doctors utilized horse serum combined with antibodies against influenza during the Great Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 (scientists are currently doing the same thing to combat COVID-19). Our bodies can be amazing; we’re continuously discovering new ways to help heal them and prevent diseases.

The Use of Stem Cells in Orthopedic Treatment


Stem cells possess self-regeneration and differentiation capabilities which may be utilized to create regenerative medicines. While they come from many sources, it’s essential to remember that all stem cells are autologous – taken directly from your body for treating yourself – meaning you know what’s being injected into you. Stem cells can be used to address many parts of the body; we’ll outline them below so you have an idea of what we offer and if these cells can relieve pain or struggle!

Lower Back Stem Cell Treatment

At NeoGenix, our unique lower back treatment has seen remarkable successes with injecting bone marrow stem cells or other development factors into arthritis facial and sacroiliac joints using real-time fluoroscopy. Get all the facts on stem cell therapy for lower backs today.

Knee Stem Cell Treatment

NeoGenix offers non-surgical solutions to arthritis of the knee. Stem cells are an effective option. At NeoGenix, we usually suggest combining large doses of stem cells with collagen-based scaffolding or matrix, as knee injuries require aggressive strategies to avoid worsening symptoms. Learn more about stem cell treatment for knees.

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Hip Stem Cell Treatment

Hip arthritis requires comprehensive treatment to avoid further progression. At NeoGenix, we typically suggest combining large doses of stem cells and collagen-based scaffolding or matrix for the most successful outcomes. Discover how to utilize stem cell therapy on hips today!

stem-cell-therapy-options-9Shoulder Stem Cell Treatment

NeoGenix has extensive expertise in non-surgical shoulder injury treatment and conditions that cause shoulder discomfort. Stem cell therapy has long been a successful solution for these injuries, offering benefits ranging from growth factors to high-dose stem cells using collagen-based scaffolding or matrix. When you come to us at NeoGenix for evaluation of your shoulder condition and best treatment option, we’ll assess its severity, analyze images and determine which stem cell therapy option will provide maximum benefit. Contact us for more information regarding stem cell therapy for shoulder pain.

Hand & Wrist Stem Cell Treatment

Arthritis is common in the wrist joints and fingers, particularly around your thumbs. Due to their small size, we typically suggest liquid rejuvenation products like bone stem cells or other growth factors depending on how severe the condition is. Learn more about stem cell treatments for hands and wrists today.

Elbow Stem Cell Treatment

Both golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are tendonitis-based conditions that can be treated with bone stem cells from the bone marrow or growth factors, depending on the extent and severity of the issue. Elbow joint arthritis also benefits from this kind of therapy when using both bone marrow stem cells and growth factors; learn more about stem cell treatments for the elbow here!

Neck Stem Cell Treatment

Neck pain is unfortunately common as we spend so much time at our computers throughout the day – including you right now! At NeoGenix, we use liquid bone marrow stem cells and growth factor injections to combat chronically inflamed neck muscles with great success effectively. Learn more about our stem cell treatments for your neck today!

Foot & Ankle Stem Cell Treatment

Ankle arthritis is still a common issue that can be helped with bone marrow stem cells or growth factors injected into injured tendons. Heel spurs or plantar fasciitis are two conditions that respond better to bone stem cells! Research has proven this! Additionally, Achilles tendon issues are common among runners; using bone marrow stem cells with growth factor injections into injured tendons has allowed people to return to active lives again! Learn more about stem cell treatments for feet here!

Why can’t joints repair themselves? The answer lies in the lack of circulation within joints; without an artery within each one, oxygen and nutrients must diffuse into a fluid that comes from beneath the bones. While this circulation keeps joints alive, it won’t heal the harm caused by repeated use, trauma, and aging processes.

Stem cell therapy is not a miracle cure for arthritis or other orthopedic problems, but it is the first and only therapy ever designed to alter the course of degenerative arthritis. Other treatments like cortisone shots and pain medication don’t seem to slow down its inevitable decline; our hope with stem cells lies in slowing down this progression so that those facing joint replacement surgery can either avoid surgery altogether or at least postpone it until more advanced stages.

Davidson, North Carolina Information

Davidson, NC was orignally named Davidson College because of how the areas growth and the college were so closely linked. In 1891 Davidson College was renamed to Davidson. It’s a suburban town on the banks of Lake Norman. This town had a population of 13,054 according to the 2019 census. There’s plenty to do here. Check out the links below:



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