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Regenerative Medicine: What Is It?

NeoGenix regenerative medicine

No one is surprised to hear on the news that medical technology has become far more advanced than it ever has. Patients are continuously searching for new treatments for common, acute, and chronic injuries that don’t have outrageous costs, high risks, or fear of what long-term effects their medications might have.

When diving into the world of regenerative medicine, you can come across medical terms that can seem overwhelming during your research, such as stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, etc. But what does all of this mean? How does it work? How successful are these treatments? These are all common questions patients have when looking into alternative procedures.

So, What IS Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an exciting new field in medicine that focuses on naturally repairing and restoring damaged tissues in the body caused by overuse, injury, or aging over time The idea behind these therapies is to regenerate these cells naturally, stimulating your body’s own repair system that, essentially, “jump-starts” the healing process. The end goal for doctors and scientists involved in this field of medicine is to create solutions for organs and tissue that have become permanently damaged and gain the ability to treat diseases or injuries that otherwise would’ve been untreatable.

What Conditions can be Treated with Regenerative Therapy and How?

Regenerative therapy, (Aka stem cell therapy), is highly successful in treating a variety of acute and chronic conditions and injuries to joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Some commonly injured areas of the body that can be treated are the spine, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows; These are typically treated by using injections that can be placed around or directly into the affected area.

The list of conditions that have been successfully treated using stem cell therapy, is ever-growing. Joint pain and muscle trauma can be relieved without surgery and with emerging technology, there is promising research that shows the ability of stem cell therapy to restore lost or dead cell physiological functions.

How Successful is Regenerative Medicine?

Based on thousands of stem cell and growth factor procedures performed by Dr. Altizer since January 2016, over 94% of patients have subjectively, objectively, and through activities of daily living reported the procedure was successful.

The success of the procedure was determined by the patient achieving at least 50% or more overall improvement with lasting results.
When asked after 1 year what their overall improvement was, patients have subjectively, objectively, and through activities of daily living reported an average overall improvement of between 83-84%.

How Long Does Regenerative Therapy Take to Show Results?

Patients from all over have reported countless successful results and have expressed how much regenerative medicine has changed their life. Each patient has a different story- there may be two patients with the same condition, but both are affected very differently from one another. This can also mean recovery times and results vary as well; on average, patients can start to see results anywhere in the first 3-6 weeks, with improvements continuing for up to 6-8 months. The vast majority of patients do observe improvements within the first few weeks after treatment.

Although there is no definitive range of time for the projected longevity of these therapies, the average patient can expect their new, healthy stem cells to last several years, depending on the severity of the condition or injury.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Regenerative Treatment?

Regenerative treatment is ideal for those who suffer from a painful joint injury due to overuse, degenerative disc disease, chronic shoulder pain, tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, tennis and golfer’s elbow, sciatica, non-healing or improperly healed fractures, ACL or meniscus tears, and many more.

When it comes to our patients, Neogenix strives to deliver the most accurate, and up-to-date information regarding all things regenerative medicine. Allowing patients, the opportunity to conduct their own research and make educated decisions about their health is a top priority for us. Neogenix is here to provide an environment where patients feel comfortable and safe while producing lasting results! If you’re someone who is searching for safe and effective alternatives to long-term medications and risky surgical procedures, please call our office to schedule a free consultation, and start your pain-free journey with us today.

Dr. James Altizer
Dr. James Altizer has been performing stem cell therapy treatments in North Carolina since January of 2016. Dr. Altizer received expert training from recognized leaders in the regenerative medicine field, including training on bone marrow aspiration with Duke University-affiliated physicians. He has performed thousands of stem cell and growth factor procedures, more than any other medical doctor in the Carolinas.