Can my Knee pain be treated nonsurgically? 

A question I get a lot from prospective patients is can my knee injury be treated Non-surgically?

The answer to that question in a lot of cases is yes.

Stem cell therapy works great for ligament strains and partial tears, meniscus, tears, and other strains and sprains of the knee, including any level of arthritis. But a lot of people come in with acute injuries of the knee.

They have MRIs that show a partial tear or a sprain or a strain or a partial tear of a meniscus. And the answer is yes, in a lot of cases. Stem cells are a better treatment for acute knee injuries than surgery, especially when it comes to problems with the meniscus. Most studies through the years have shown that meniscus surgery is unnecessary and that stem cell therapy is just as if not better. And it certainly is safer than traditional surgery.