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Hand & Wrist Stem Cell Treatment

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Stem Cell Therapy for Hand & Wrist Pain

NeoGenix Specializes in Non-Surgical Pain Treatment

Are you searching for a treatment for wrist pain to restore the long-term functionality of your hand and wrist? Are you tired of the suffering caused by acute injuries such as arthritis, gout fractures, sprains, or other ailments? This complaint is common in America – signs may include swollen fingers, numbness, or acute, sharp pain.

If you’re dealing with hand pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Whether due to a gamekeeper’s thumb, arthritis nerve injury, or something else altogether, hand discomfort makes performing everyday tasks difficult. If the pain doesn’t go away with rest or medications, other treatment options like regenerative medicine may help ease the discomfort and improve the quality of life.

Non-surgical Hand and Wrist Treatments

Our treatment for wrist problems involves non-surgical regenerative medical therapies. Regenerative medicine refers to medical practices that harness the body’s healing capabilities to expedite recovery from wrist pain and other disorders. Some examples include stem cell therapies and PRP therapy derived from your cells.

These therapies offer superior treatment options to traditional medicines since they tap into the body’s healing abilities by targeting the source of pain instead of simply masking its symptoms. Are you ready to benefit from treatments that are reliable and safe?

What are the Advantages of Utilizing Stem Cells to Treat Hand and Wrist Pain

Stem cell therapy has been scientifically proven effective at healing damaged muscles, tissues, tendons, and more in hands with conditions such as trigger fingers, osteoarthritis in hands, and ganglion cysts on hands. It promotes the natural healing of damaged areas through natural repair mechanisms.

Whether you just injured your wrist or have a chronic condition like arthritis, stem cell therapy can provide significant pain relief by harnessing natural healing mechanisms in the wrist. Patients have reported great success using stem cells to manage wrist discomfort in this way effectively.

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Hand and Wrist Issues Solved with Stem Cell Therapy

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Arthritis is one of the most prevalent wrist disorders that cause chronic pain. Symptoms include swelling or stiffness, grinding sounds, inflammation, and difficulty moving certain regions. 

Over time, muscles, tendons, and cartilage surrounding the joint become damaged, resulting in discomfort and swelling. Conventional medications only mask symptoms; regenerative treatments using stem cells and PRP therapy provide long-lasting solutions by harnessing natural growth factors from within your body to combat wrist arthritis effectively.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

At the top of your wrist is a small space known as Carpal Tunnel. The median nerves and flexor muscles run through it, which transmit sensation to your fingertips. But if pressure is applied due to repetitive movements or vibrations caused by forceful impacts, you may experience numbness, tingling, and burning sensations – commonly called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Gamekeeper’s Thumb

Gamekeeper’s thumb is caused by acute or chronic overuse of the thumb, pulling away from its index finger and damaging its Ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). Falls or high-impact sports can cause injury and strain to this ligament, leaving it susceptible to sudden fractures.

A gamekeeper’s thumb may exhibit signs such as difficulty maneuvering it, swelling or weak grasp, joint discomfort, and misaligned fingers. Depending on the severity and extent of an injury, non-surgical treatment is usually the best option to provide quick relief.

The Best Alternative to Hand or Wrist Surgery

Surgery may not be necessary for your hand or wrist. These joints are small, so we typically recommend non-surgical regenerative treatments like bone marrow stem cells or growth factors, depending on the severity of the issue. Whether you primarily have wrist pain or hand pain, we provide PHP and stem cell treatment known to be effective for both a range of wrist conditions and hand conditions.

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