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Stem Cell or PRP injection into the Back

The Power of Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cells vs. PRP – Which is Right for You?

Unlock the body's potential to heal, rejuvenate, and transform with regenerative medicine. Explore the world of stem cell treatment and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, two groundbreaking treatments that offer unique benefits and applications. Discover how these treatments can address your health challenges, from degenerative diseases to revitalizing your appearance. Join. Read More
prp injection

Comparing PRP Treatment to Other Arthritis Interventions

Arthritis is characterized by inflammation of the joints, leading to pain and decreased mobility. With advancements in medical science, several interventions have been developed to treat and manage arthritis. One promising treatment is Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. We hope this guide will help you understand what PRP is and if. Read More

Stem Cell Therapy or Surgery for Knee Problems?

Millions of Americans suffer from knee conditions, limiting the activities they can participate in. It's even worse for those 50 years or older. They can't exercise, walk, climb stairs, or even stand up the same. People with reduced mobility often seek treatments for their knee problems. The first thing that. Read More

Revive Your Knees: Defying Osteoarthritis with Stem Cell Treatment

Our bodies are incredible. But, like any machine, parts of our body can wear down over time. You may have heard people in their 30+ years complain about how their knees "just aren't what they used to be." Even young adults can suffer from knee pains. As modern medicine continues. Read More

The Importance of Choosing the right PRP Provider

What Is PRP  Platelet-rich plasma, commonly known as PRP, is a groundbreaking medical discovery that has transformed various treatments. PRP is a combination of plasma taken from the patient. These platelets are cells that may accelerate the body's natural healing process. PRP therapy has opened doors to non-invasive therapies with. Read More
stem cell knee surgery

Stem Cell vs. Surgery: A Personal Journey to Deciding What’s Best for Your Knees

When it comes to knee health, it can be overwhelming to decide which path to take. With options like innovative stem cell therapy and traditional knee surgery, it can feel like standing at a crossroads. However, with expert help from NeoGenix, you can make an informed decision about which treatment. Read More

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis: What you should know

Stem cell therapy can be an excellent treatment for arthritis or Osteoarthritis for many reasons. Stem cell therapy offers fast recovery times, high success rates, and long-lasting results. The treatments are minimally invasive with extremely low health risks and can be very affordable, especially when compared to joint replacement surgery.  How does. Read More

Can Stem Cell Treatment Help Improve Spinal Conditions or Injuries?

Stem cell treatment is a type of regenerative medicine designed to repair stem cells by reducing inflammation and modulating the immune system. Stem cell treatment dates back to the 1950s. A French oncologist was the first person to perform a stem cell transplantation. He transplanted stem cells through bone marrow grafts. Read More

Top 7 Benefits of Stem Cell Treatments

What are Stem Cells? Stem cells are your body’s raw material from which it generates all other cells with specialized functions. Under the correct conditions, stem cells can divide and form daughter cells. Daughter cells can either become new stem cells or specialized cells.  Stem cells have three different sources.. Read More

The Top 7 Causes of Knee Pain

| May 12, 2023 |
People of all ages can suffer from knee pain. From serious injuries to general everyday wear and tear, many things can cause knee pain and discomfort. It is essential to recognize and monitor your symptoms so you can determine the severity of the pain and see a doctor if needed. The. Read More

Can Stem Cell Treatment Help Spinal Stenosis?

Stem cell treatment can be traced back to 1958 when a French oncologist performed the first stem cell transplantation of bone marrow grafts to save six nuclear researchers exposed to radiation. Stem cell treatment is a type of regenerative medicine designed to repair stem cells by reducing inflammation and modulating the. Read More

Regenerative Medicine Will Make 2023 Your Greatest Year 

Living with chronic pain can seem like a big obstacle. But thanks to advances in pain management, getting fit doesn’t have to be an impossible goal. Regenerative medicine – which uses the body’s natural healing powers – could be your ticket back to doing what you love in 2023! In. Read More